About us

Jersey’s Subs and Pizza was started in 1995 in a humble Sunnyside location. The owner is originally from Hunterdon County, NJ, and came to Morgantown for his undergrad degree and later pursued a law degree at WVU. He quickly realized that Morgantown had no authentic sub shops, and that there was a high proportion of New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia people working and attending college here, so Jersey’s was born. Since then they’ve moved into a larger store on the Mileground, and run a food truck for festivals and catering events.

What makes Jersey’s so great is the quality and freshness of the products. Jersey’s is the only place in Morgantown that uses Boars Head Brand meats and cheeses. Boars Head is the gold standard for delicatessens, and the finest places will use only that brand. Everything at Jersey’s is sliced fresh per order right in front of the customer. Most chain shops or branded franchise places slice meats hours before they even open. Jersey’s doesn’t do that, their customers know when the product is sliced- the moment they order.

What really put Jersey’s on the map is the Philly cheesesteak. We have a loyal following of customers who will travel hours just to get one. We have been told that our cheesesteak surpasses those in the shops of Philadelphia, where the cheesesteak originates. We start by using only fresh-sliced steak, never the frozen wafer product other places use. Then we mix in, that’s right, we take the extra step to mix in not just lay on top, the creamy white American cheese. From there the customer can add any toppings, but most prefer sautéed onions, peppers, and mushrooms mixed in with this already-incredible taste. It is a labor-intensive process, which other places mostly avoid, but in the end it is worth it to see the enjoyment on customer’s faces.

Jersey’s also makes authentic New York-style pizza. Our brick-lined ovens capture that taste New Jersey natives can identify. Our thin-crust dough is made in-house, covered with a high quality sauce, and topped with rich mozzarella cheese. This classic combination, which is found in every corner pizza shop in NJ, is right here at Jersey’s Subs and Pizza.

We are proud to have been serving Morgantown for the past twenty years, not only bringing a taste of home to Jersey transplants, but also offering those outside of the state a true sub, cheesesteak and pizza-taste experience!